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Strategic insights in CO2, energy and water data to guide your company towards more sustainability and CO2 neutrality

Use data and information technology in a smart way and detect cost-saving sustainability actions.

Make your sustainability data manageable!

Easy data and sensor integration

Flexibility & Scalability

Compliant sustainability reporting



 energy performance and SavINgs

Automatically detect energy and water losses, using data and smart algorithms.

Carbon footprinting

Calculate and keep track of the Carbon Footprint in different locations, for different products, ... 

Scope 1, 2 and 3 calculations according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol or the Bilan Carbone.

Automated Sustainability reporting

Have reliable and consistent data for sustainability reporting that can be used for the Science Based Targets, GRI or the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Planning & Keeping track of CO2 Roadmaps

Define your CO2 roadmap actions, verify the results after implementation, and keep them documented for the whole team.



Sensors, API's, Grid operator data, Carbon emission factor databases... It doesn't matter where the data is coming from. We can connect!

You want the data back in Power BI or another tool? No problem.

Intelligent alarm & Task functions

The Enelyzer Portal lets you know when and where you're losing money. And you'll know what to do about it.

It will also suggest you how to prioritize your actions in order to get maximum results.

infrastructure and sensor management

Manage and keep track of your assets. A facility manager can focus on building infrastructure, an industrial energy manager on all production equipment.

Also sensors and gateways can be tracked using the Enelyzer portal. 


Count on one of our specialized consultancy partners to help you get the maximum out of the software.

They offer help on data connection, data interpretation and improvement actions.

Take care of the planet and save money and time at the same time

Investing in sustainability with a financial return is possible! The Enelyzer will help you to detect the most cost-effective actions to take. 

Use Cases


Get some ideas of what you can use the Enelyzer Portal for:


Detect big and small water leaks immediately

Intelligent alarms detect small and big water leaks and send a warning and task to the technical team.

Most used by Energy & Facility Managers

Moderne gebouwen

Compare Building Energy & CO2 Performance

If you manage multiple buildings, find out where you are losing most money. The software helps to find and prioritize the right actions.

Most used by Facility & Financial Managers


Compare Machine Energy & CO2 Performance

For a set of similar machines (compressors, coolers, boilers...) find the ones that are the most and the least efficient and find the right actions for improvement. 

Most used by Energy & Maintenance Managers


Check energy and water invoices

And send out correct invoices to tenants, subsidiaries or other business units.

Use correct data, and contribute costs to different parties where necessary.


Most used by Facility & Energy Managers


Automatically calculate energy consumption and CO2 emissions for each individual product

Are your suppliers or customers asking for your CO2 data? Provide them with correct and validated numbers for scopes 1, 2 and 3. 

Most used by Energy & Sustainability Managers


Create automated sustainability dashboards and reports

Consult your building's and machine's KPI's in automated dashboards and reports.

Generate automated alarms when consumptions, emissions or costs are higher than expected.

Most used by Energy, Financial & Sustainability Managers and by CEOs.


Keep all possible savings and roadmap actions in one central place

What are all the actions on the CO2 reduction roadmap, and how big is their impact? What actions can you do to save water or energy?

Keep them all in one place and let the Enelyzer help you to priorotize and plan.

Most used by Energy & Sustainability Managers


List malfunctioning hardware



Experiencing bad data quality, missing data, malfunctioning hardware? Easily list the issues and their origin, fill data gaps, and create tasks for technicians to repair or replace equipment.

Most used by Energy & Maintenance Managers


Built by a team of software engineers together with energy and sustainability specialists.

We understand your business. The Enelyzer portal is not yet another software for your CO2 and sustainability management. There is a team behind the scenes that is ready to help not only with software issues, but also with data interpretation and insights.

Every day they give their best to make the software and its users smarter.

Easy sensor and data integration

Flexibility and scalability

Compliant sustainability reporting

Trusted Among Industry & Building Leaders

Depending on their activities and roles, our customers use other modules and functionalities of the Enelyzer portal. Contact us to find out which ones will help you move forward.

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What Our Clients Say

"With the Enelyzer from Enprove we are able to draw up energy profiles of our users. This allows us to benchmark profiles, but we can also use it when designing new projects. Furthermore, the Enelyzer gives more insight into our total energy consumption and the energy transition to achieve a Future Fit organisation."

Jeroen De Smet, Upgrade Estate

"The Enelyzer is a software for extensive monitoring, analyses and reports. Our previously installed meters could also be integrated perfectly!"

Vincent Fallon, Ecover

"The preparations and implementation of the Enelyzer tool went smoothly.  Enprove handled this implementation well and followed up all obstacles well and provided the necessary solutions."

Niek Vandendriessche,


Explore Our Pricing Options

Monthly subscription from €300 onwards. Pricing depending on the number of measuring points and active modules.

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